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If You Don't Get 30 - 50 Interviews When You Run An Add - We Need To Talk.

Our ads average 30 to 50 interviews which allows us to select the best people to train.  Listen to what one dealer says about how The Dealer Resource Group made a difference.Q9X54uolemg

RESULTS - Here's What We Deliver

Senior Trainer, Ray Barry works with a class of new students


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The Hidden Cost Of  Hiring On Your Own

With business increasing, it seems only natural that you'd want to staff up.  But, you're still watching the budget so you decide to do it on your own.  You'll run ads on places like Craigslist because they're free.  Or are they?  You'll have your managers do the interviewing and training since they're already on the payroll.  Then, you'll have your new hires shadow some of your "experienced" people.

Simple.  But, what is the hidden cost?

How much does it cost you to take your manager off the floor for two days of interviews?  What is it worth to have a real expert screen out non-qualified applicants so that only the right ones are interviewed?  How many deals will be lost while your managers are training for two or three days?  Our award winning trainers can handle all of that.  And, they can do it for a lot less than what you'll lose by doing it all yourself.


Some of our satisfied Managers answers why they don't do this on his own.





Here is what we do:


The Dealer Resource Group runs the ads (Posting on up to 100 web portals and job sites)

The Dealer Resource Group screens the applicants

The Dealer Resource Group invite the best of the best for training

The Dealer Resource Group trains them for three days using our exclusive 21st Century Sales Training Program© .

These are just some of the results:

  • One dealer has continued to grow with each of our classes (From 80 Units to over 180 units per month in 8 months).
  • One of our sales graduates made over $13,000 in commission their first month at their dealer.
  • Dealers know we only recruit for them.  100% of our graduates work for the hiring dealer.
  • One dealer campaign generated over 90 interviews which resulted in 25 new hires.
  • A brand new dealership chose The Dealer Resource Group to staff its floor.


Here's what we do:




Then, you can pick from the best of the best and let them go to work.  Look at the possible results.



Our results last well after we are gone. 

That's why our dealers have us back again and again.







Award Winning Sales Trainer Anthony Bartoli's Video From This Year's Digital Dealer Conference - October 2011

Anthony Bartoli Speaking at The Digital Dealer Convention in Las Vegas



 WHAT IS 21st Century Sales Training                     & What Does It Mean To You?        

There are many ways to train your new sales people.  The Dealer Resource Group has found that the hiring/training process is best served when it is done together.  Having the person doing the interviewing as well as the training increases retention of both the information and the employee themselves. 

Many other companies have shown this success over the years but have seen their long-term successes fall off.  The reason is, their training is as old as the company. 

With The Dealer Resource Group's exclusive 21st Century Sales Training Program(c) we have married the principles of success that have worked for decades and added the most effective sales process for today's market.


But, the real benefit is, our program is based on what you are already doing on your floor and we couple it with the latest technology and process to keep your sales people making money for you and for themselves.  This reduces turnover tremendously.

Let Your Managers Manage

Rather than take your managers and have them interview people for days on end, and then train these people as best they can, we take that responsibility and keep your talent where it belongs.

Best of all, you will end up with high quality people with no bad habits who are ready and committed to doing a great job on your sales floor.  This means, your managers continue making profits while your hiring needs are met.  But the real benefit is, you can relax knowing that your hiring needs are met at a lower cost than what you're currently spending.  AND THEY ARE FULLY TRAINED.

For more information, email us directly at or click the CONTACT US button at the top of the page.  One of our people will contact you and see how we can best serve you.






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